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Urgent Need for Support in Maui

There is still an urgent need for support in Maui due to the wildfires last month as well as the more recent brush fires. The Maui wildfires are the deadliest to hit America in more than a century and they have claimed over 100 lives, burned over 3,000 homes and buildings, and have devastated entire communities. Schools will be closed for the foreseeable future and the water is unsafe to drink. This is an unprecedented disaster for the island of Maui and the state of Hawaii. Critical support is needed to help the wildfire victims on the road to recovery.

How can we help? 

KCI has vetted several tax-deductible charitable organizations and if you are so inclined to donate, our President, Duane Nathaniel, will personally match your donations up to $1,500! 

Maui Strong Fund

Hawaiian Way Fund

Mercy Chefs

In addition, we have a KCI employee whose 'ohana is directly affected by this disaster as they have lost their home to the wildfires. (See the link below to the Akiyama Family GoFundMe page.) Duane will also match donations to the Akiyamas, however, the donations are not tax deductible.

However you choose to donate, please send an email listing the charitable organization(s) you selected and the dollar amount by Friday, September 15, to ensure that Duane's matching donations are calculated accurately.  

We appreciate your kindness and generosity!  Mahalo!


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