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KCI's Annual Charity Program

Each year we solicit nominations from employees for Charitable organizations that will receive a donation of $500. Some years we have split the donation between multiple charities and other years we have donated the entire amount to a single charity. After the initial donation we continue to support that charity with a donation of $100 per year for an additional four years, after which the charity can be renominated. Out current list of supported organizations includes:

  • Susan G. Komen

  • Central Asia Institute

  • Lewis & Clarke Exploratory Center

  • Waimea Outdoor Circle

  • VEToga

  • Amy BH Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden

This year the nominees for KCI's annual donation were:

Humane Society


World Wildlife Fund

Ocean Conservancy

Direct Releif

Feeding America

St. Jude's

Children's Hospital of America

And the recipient fo rthe 2020 KCI Annual Charity Donation is the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!


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