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KCI Donates

Kalani Consulting Inc., without equivocation or reservation, stands with the Black Lives Matter movement against racism and police brutality. It is incumbent upon all of us to work to end the racism and police violence that necessitates civil unrest and these protests. At the same time, we must re-dedicate ourselves to the protection of the First Amendment rights of all of our citizens, whether in news reporting or in protest.

We recognize that real change cannot be made with statements alone and have backed ours by donating to organizations that work to achieve justice.

We have made donations to the following organizations, which support real change and progress:

  • The Marshall Project

  • Hawai'i Community Bail Fund

  • Movement for Black Lives Mutual Aid Fund

  • Black Youth Project 100

  • Black Lives Matter Global Network

Just as Native Hawaiians have been lifted and supported by Black-led civil rights movements, we in turn support the Civil Rights activists of today. We will not stay silent; instead, we support positive change by following our tradition of Ho'oulu kekahi i kekahi ~ "Growing and uplifting one another".


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